Mike + Sarah

We are the masterminds of Rock Your Booth. Sarah is the photography expert. Mike is the tech-junkie and brawns behind the operation.

We’ve been running RYB since 2010 alongside Sarah Pudlo + Co. Our photo booth was born out of a desire to provide a classy alternative to the black pipe-and-drape box that has flooded the wedding industry, and we think we’ve done just that!

Our booth doesn’t look like it just appeared at your event, it looks like it belongs. It’s because we started with a versatile platform and have taken the time to consult with you and find out about your event to pick the right backdrop to match and designed a custom photo strip as well.

Through Sarah’s expertise, we’ve selected professional quality photo equipment, which provides you with high quality print and digital images.

Mike’s been able to totally geek-out our gear and has packed tons of power into a classy package. You get touch screen navigation, instant custom prints from a professional printer, and a wireless social media kiosk with your event hashtag.